Teaching is the most rewarding and empowering component of my academic career. I care deeply about the environment, and I believe science education is key to fostering the next-generation of global citizens and leaders. My responsibilities as an educator are to: i) help students master key biological and ecological concepts; ii) develop critical thinking and analytical skills; and iii) equip students with the confidence to apply knowledge and skills effectively in their careers and become scientifically literate citizens. To fulfill these responsibilities, I am committed to providing a learning experience that engages, challenges, and motivates students across diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and learning styles.


Graduate Student Instructor


EARTH 450: Ecosystem Science in the Rockies

NRE 430: Soil Ecology


As a graduate student instructor, I have had the opportunity to guide undergraduate and graduate student learning in lecture, laboratory and field settings. Deviating from traditional lecture-based teaching has given me the opportunity to build student understanding of ecological principles, as well as challenge students to think critically about the complex relationship between human activity and terrestrial responses


High School Environmental Science Teacher


From 2008 – 2010 I taught Environmental Science and Biology at a charter high school in New Orleans, LA. In addition to creating our environmental science curriculum, I developed a variety of outdoor learning experiences that placed students in the unique southern Louisiana environment. I also organized collaborations with a local elementary school that transformed my own students into teachers as they educated third graders about the value of Louisiana’s natural landscape. I learned the importance of challenging students in science and leadership, so they could take personal responsibility as environmentally literate members of society.



I have had the opportunity to mentor seven graduate and undergraduate students as they conducted self-directed research projects on a variety of topics ranging from plant ecology to fungal biology.

2017 – present    Erin Andrews, Undergraduate

University of Minnesota, College of Biological Sciences

2016 – present    Caroline Daws, Graduate Student

University of Minnesota, College of Biological Sciences

2015 – 2017         Alex Tang, Undergraduate 

University of Minnesota, College of Biological Sciences

2014 – 2015         Will Argiroff, Graduate Student

University of Michigan, School of Natural Resources & Environment

2013 – 2015         Sydney Salley, Undergraduate

University of Michigan, Earth & Environmental Sciences

2013 – 2014         Anna Peschel, Graduate Student

University of Michigan, School of Natural Resources & Environment

2012 – 2013         Jules Cooch, Undergraduate

University of Michigan, Program in the Environment